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Moms on a Mission

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Centennial SEA is ...


Navigating the journey of special education can be complicated.​  This is a space to strengthen our competence and confidence as parents. Together, we are a huge source of information.  We want to create a place to collect it and share it.  So our voices can be their maximum strength as we advocate and work together with the district.


Centennial SEA is not... (a disclaimer)

We are not interested in becoming a place for people to complain about their IEP process or specific staff.   However perhaps a parent can find resources about how the process works, or what their rights are, or how they can go about a process.  The long term plan for this group is to become a non profit, parent led organization.  Any advice sought or received from each other should not be seen as legal advice.  

How we started:

Two moms met in a new mom's support group.  Their first born babies were perfection.  (And still are!)  However, as the years passed, the beauty and challenges of neurodiversity were exposed.  Navigating labels, test scores, and advocating for services was easier when ideas were bounced off a friend.  Coffee became mom therapy and they provided "respite" for each other.  Centennial school district has provided their kids with a beautiful place to learn and thrive.  They are now hoping to enhance that by helping families find the same support and strength through the special education process.

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